Artist - Painter
Live and work in Pézenas (France)

Somewhere between figurative and abstract, Nicole Fernandez takes us aboard mankind's memory of reality on an archaeological voyage into the soul. She finds inspiration in antiquity, past civilizations and mythology, but only to better speak of love, death and the fugue of life.

Nicole Fernandez at work in Pezenas

The bodies she paints are reminders of the slow maturing process of humanity through its history, its glories, its failures, its dreams and its tragedies. They are in a world of burst shapes that express the violence of rupture, the symbolic theme of her works.

Nicole Fernandez is constantly experimenting with the materials to provide all the power her art requires: collages, the superposition of valuable papers, torn paper - every technique likely to deliver relief.

The color is in perfect harmony with the exuberance and flamboyance of the ochers, the siennas, the reds and even the direct use of pigment. This is a seductive work what bears messages aimed straight at the subconscious.